Who is Satoshi Nakamoto, the Mysterious Founder of Bitcoin?


Investing.com – Ever since the Bitcoin burst onto the mainstream stage, many have tried to speculate about the identity of its creator. The truth, however, remains unknown.
Satoshi Nakamoto is only a pseudonym used by the creator – or creators – of Bitcoin’s technology, in order to protect his true identity.
Nakamoto has claimed to be a Japanese man living in Japan, born in April 1975. Many speculators refute this claim, based on Nakamoto’s use of perfect English and the lack of Japanese references or language in Bitcoin’s software.
An analysis of Nakamoto’s posts on Bitcoin’s forum revealed a steep decline in post frequency between 5 and 11am GMT time, leading many to believe Nakamoto lives on the American continent, and that the decline represents his habitual sleeping hours.
Nakamoto was directly involved in Bitcoin’s software development from its inception in 2007, up until mid-2010. He then handed control of the source code to Gavin Andersen, who led Bitcoin’s developing team, known as Bitcoin Core, until 2016.
Whoever Nakamoto is, and wherever he may reside, one thing is sure – Nakamoto is among the world’s wealthiest. It is estimated that Nakamoto owns up to one million Bitcoins, with a value estimated at above 6 billion dollars.
But as hard as we may try, it’s very possible that we never find out who Nakamoto really is. Anonymity is, after all, a core concept of Bitcoin.

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